Efectis has a 70 years long expertise in terms of fire tests and methodologies and fire safety engineering. Over 270 employees, on 20 sites across 4 countries conduct fire tests and fire safety engineering studies. Over 3000 tests were conducted in 2020 only.


Role in the project:

Efectis assists the tasks dedicated to the design of specific large-scale fire tests, as well as at the level of the material using the company’s knowledge in reaction to fire. Efectis supports the system development until the regulatory phase.


In the ROAD TRHYP project, Efectis France is in charge of the work package related to safety. The goal is to demonstrate the safe design of the type V trailer for high pressure by assessing the efficiency of the existing safety and mitigation barriers, and by the development of new ones if necessary.

First, the main failure scenarios of the trailer will be identified and their consequences will be evaluated.

Then, by performing numerical simulations of type V cylinder submitted to designed fires, the thermal loads on the surface of the tube will be assessed. The results will be used as inputs for the thermomechanical model to verify the behaviour of the cylinder under fire conditions.

Finally, Efectis will perform real scale fire tests. In particular, a set of tubes representative of a trailer integration will be put under a standardised fire to study the behaviour of the type V high pressure tubes under fire, to assess the efficiency of the proposed security barriers and to demonstrate the ability of existing numerical tools for such research.