Covess has developed and patented its own manufacturing process to produce liner-less pressure vessels. 

The Belgian SME, located in Sint-Truiden, has extensive expertise and methods of production and testing, especially in the hydrogen sector.

Role in the project:

Covess manufactures the optimized Type V cylinders for hydrogen application in strong collaboration with Arkema, Pprime and Air Liquide. Covess carries out first tests on those and assists partners for other tests on a material point of view.

Type V cylinders offer a wide range of benefits: they don’t collapse, they’re easy to dry, they can withstand higher temperatures than conventional tubes, and they can be recycled.

In the ROAD THRYP project, Covess will work on :

  • Developing large 330 l full thermoplastic Type V tubes
  • Optimising lay-up performance by having an equal fibre tension throughout composite thickness when the cylinder is under pressure
  • Carry out burst and cycling tests to prove Type V composite technique is mature enough