Presentation of the ROAD TRHYP’s project achievements during the JEC WORLD 2024 so far in terms of : The presentation also reminds of the usages related to pressure vessels for HRS use.

HYVOLUTION – Paris 2024

For the second year, Covess participated in Hyvolution show in Paris. Covess displayed a 330 L Type 4.5 Cylinder cut in half. It was the opportunity to show a perfect melt between the liner and the Tape i.e. that with their process; they can achieve a monolithic composite structure as expected. Therefore, Covess proved that […]

General Assembly M6

The second General Assembly (M6) was held at Covess at Sint-Truiden in Belgium.

JEC World 2023

At JECWorld2023, Arkema presented its high-performance materials for the manufacture of hydrogen gas storage tanks, a game-changer for renewable energies. These materials are used in the manufacture of hyperbar tanks for the ROAD TRHYP project.

Hyvolution 2023

At Hyvolution 2023, COVESS promoted ROAD TRHYP, boosting the development of new high capacity hydrogen trailers.

Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the ROAD TRHYP project has been held at the Air Liquide Innovation Campus Paris. The objective of the meeting was to define the first actions to be taken to start the project, but was also a good opportunity for people involved in the project to get to know each other. The project is now ready to start!

Signature of the Grant Agreement

The coordinator of the ROAD TRHYP project, Air Liquide, and the European Commission have both signed the Grant Agreement, which provides a legal basis for the project.

Air liquide

Presentation: Air Liquide is a world leader of industrial gasses and services and has been active in the hydrogen sector for more than 50 years. As end-user of hydrogen trailers, Air Liquide has knowledge of all the key functional requirements and a deep understanding of hydrogen safety issues. The group also has experience in operating […]

ROAD TRHYP selected by Horizon Europe

The ROAD TRHYP project has just been selected by the European Commission to be funded under the Horizon Europe programme, dedicated to research and innovation. ROAD TRHYP partners are honored by this decision, which demonstrates the trust of the European Commission in the ability of the consortium to develop a solution that will be a game changer for hydrogen transportation. The whole consortium is looking forward to starting the project!