Air liquide


Air Liquide is a world leader of industrial gasses and services and has been active in the hydrogen sector for more than 50 years. As end-user of hydrogen trailers, Air Liquide has knowledge of all the key functional requirements and a deep understanding of hydrogen safety issues. The group also has experience in operating cylinder filling centers, trailers and refueling stations (HRS) and is involved in the definition of the regulatory framework of the sector. The R&D department of the group brings to the project expertise in the field of physical simulation, analytical chemistry and materials science.

Role in the project:

In the project, Air Liquide plays the role of coordinator. Air Liquide provides to the consortium the end-user perspective of the hydrogen distributor, trailer failure scenarios and trailer demonstrator specifications.

Air Liquide also plays a key role in the development of tubes decontamination methodology. 

Along the project, Air Liquide will specifically work on :

Optimising Type V composite cylinder decontamination to guarantee H2 purity for fuel cells in a cost effective way. Air Liquide will define the most cost effective solution.

image 1

Determining Type V cylinder fueling / defueling parameters, taking into account the processed material chosen, to have the composite cylinder operating within a selected temperature range.

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Safety is a fundamental value of Air Liquide and an integral part of our operational excellence and culture.

In ROAD THRYP, we will leverage our partners’ experimental and modelling expertise as well as our own skills to demonstrate that the type V trailer has an inherently safe design and that the adequate safety and mitigation barriers are in place for its future deployment. 

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